R.G.G. Security Officers Academy

In an effort to provide personnel of the utmost quality and achieve R.G.G. Services, Inc goals, we established the R.G.G. Academy on August 02, 1989. Only the best candidates are selected and integrated into our programs. Many security companies boast about the education given to their CSOs. No security company has done more to give its CSOs all the practical security knowledge than R.G.G. Services, Inc. Under the coordination of the General Manager, our instructors teach the subjects required to assure a fine quality CSO. The methods used to illustrate situations and the testing procedures utilized are geared to help the individual CSO make reasonable decisions on his/her own.

General Areas Covered:

  • Public Relations
  • Legal Aspects/Ramifications

  • General Duties and Responsibilities
  • Emergency Procedure

Specific Areas Covered:

  • Avoiding sexual harassment
  • High-rise building security
  • Basic interviewing techniques
  • Industrial accident on-site
  • Basic interviewing techniques
  • Industrial accident on-site
  • Investigation
  • Business telephone techniques
  • Effective human relations
  • Interacting w/disturbed persons

  • Preventing employee theft
  • Firearm Basics
  • Retail loss prevention
  • Fire safety and prevention
  • Undercover operations
  • Foot patrol techniques
  • Report writing for the security officer
  • The mechanics of field search and physical restraint

Upon completing this course and passing the written test, a certificate of completion is retained on file and available for your review.

In addition to the pre-service training outlined above, R.G.G. Services, Inc. will work directly with you to formulate and implement a comprehensive education program for all new security officers assigned to your security staff. This program would be custom tailored to meet your specific and unique needs.

The post education is supplemented by a complete set of security post orders that will fully describe the day to day duties and cover the specific security responsibilities for your company. The management of R.G.G. Service, Inc. will work with you to initially prepare this set of security post orders, and will provide quarterly review and make necessary revisions and updates when requested. When you have a security problem, we can solve it.

We also offer requalification classes at the firing range and periodic updates for courtesy security officer skills.

Contact Info

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E-mail: marketing@rggservices.org

Texas Private Security Bureau
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