Houston, Texas Private Security Bureau License # C02174


Officer Selection Process

RGG Services, Inc. - Courtesy Security Officer

We know that the individual courtesy security officer, also known as a CSO, is probably the single most important element in the ultimate success of any security operation. During the entire selection process, R.G.G. Services, Inc. focuses on recruiting the most professional, reliable and compatible personnel available from both within and outside of our organization.


Each applicant is screened, interviewed and tested to meet or exceed your standards and those set by the Texas Private Security Bureau (T.P.S.B.). We will complete a comprehensive investigation of the applicant’s background and references as well as sending his fingerprints to the T.P.S.B. for an exhaustive criminal record check.


In addition, each applicant is checked through the local Sheriff & Police Departments for minor arrests that may not show up on the T.P.S.B.’s fingerprint check. All interviews will be conducted with an emphasis on the candidate’s previous work history and personal background. Correspondingly, several aptitude tests, covering various aspects of the job, will be used to identify potential problem employees before hiring. R.G.G. Services, Inc. also understands that all courtesy security officers must be drug-free. R.G.G. Services, Inc. has a contract with Concentra Health Centers, a national physical and drug testing facility and we will conform to your drug policy. In addition, a random 15% of our commissioned employees must undergo drug testing every three months.


A further requirement will be that all employees selected for duty at your premises possess a high degree of interpersonal and public relation skills. This is necessary in order to respond quickly and effectively in situations calling for tact and discerning judgement. By the terms of our contract, should you at any time determine that the performance of any CSO is below your standards, R.G.G. Services, Inc. will provide a suitable replacement without question.


We know that our personnel are probably the most essential element of your security program and you can rest assured that we will continue to select quality personnel to comprise your security staff.


Support Staff

Our Most Essential Ingredient… It Works!

R.G.G. Services, Inc.’s security supervisory structure is probably the largest component in our tremendous success and growth over the years. We have learned that even the best of Courtesy Security Officers will not perform as well with little or no supervision. Supervision is therefore a #1 priority at R.G.G. Services, Inc.

We have security support staff available 24 hours a day via telephone and radios. All Leading Support Staff will have at least two (2) years of security supervisory experience.  Roving support staff will visit your locations periodically, assuring full inspection during business hours. This support supervisor reports directly to our General Manager, who will also make on-site inspections not less than monthly. Every inspection by the roving support supervisor and General Manager will be fully documented. These inspection reports will be fully scrutinized.

This system of Security Post-Inspections ensures that our personnel are constantly inspected, reviewed, counseled, and, if necessary, corrected. It also prevents most problems from happening. When an incident does occur, our inspection system identifies the problem and sees that it is promptly corrected.