Houston, Texas Private Security Bureau License # C02174


R.G.G. Services, Inc. will make every effort to ensure that its employees placed on site at the property are of the highest caliber. A comprehensive screening and selections process, including a thorough criminal background check, drug screen, and verification of previous employment and education will be conducted before assigning an individual to the property.


The officers will be posted in strategic areas as defined in the Request for Proposal. This will accomplish the simple but important tasks of presenting a strong presence for controlling and deterring of events that could cause economic loss to COMPANY. The initial training and ongoing education of the security officers, along with the support of R.G.G. Services management team will make the client and contractor a strong unit that will accomplish these goals.

Our Services

Armed - Unarmed - Personal Protection

Patrol Services.

Security Services.

Fire Watch.

Private Investigation.

Criminal Investigation.

Investigation Process.

Undercover Investigation Services.

Civil Process Service.

Our Services Include:

Uniformed Officers.

Experienced Supervisors.

First Aid Certified.

CPR Certified.

AED Certified.

Daily Activity Reports (DAR)

Continue Education

R.G.G. Services will designate during the term period of the contract all necessary assistance to maintain staffing levels, post efficiency and the execution of the proscribed services. Emergency or additional service will be provided upon request. Should a post become unmanned or require additional manpower, our roving Supervisors and Support Team members will respond to the location(s) and man the post until a qualified relief arrives. R.G.G. Services management staff will insure that the work performed conforms to the provisions of the contract, post orders, and that the completion of all work will be within reasonable time frames that are acceptable to both client and contractor. Our headquarters are located in Houston Texas.


40 years of experience

Let your security in our hands

  • Apartments
  • Ballrooms
  • Construction
  • Churches
  • Government properties
  • Grocery stores
  • Medical centers
  • Malls
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail centers
  • Warehouses

1. Courtesy Security Officers

    Unarmed and Armed


2. Private Investigations


3. Self Defense Techniques
    Mace and Firearms


4. Emergency Procedures
    First Aid and CPR


5. Civil Process Services


6. General Safety Guidelines
    Sexual Harassment, Fire Safety,
    Loss Prevention, Public Relations